Health, Safety and Environment

HSE Policy & Commitment

TestAlta is committed to a strong Health, Safety and Environmental Protection program that provide safeguards for our employees, customers, contractors and the general public from unplanned losses. Every QHSE policy and program has been developed in an effort to achieve ZERO losses; this can only be achieved with a concerted commitment from every employee to consider QHSE in every decision they make. All TestAlta employees are required to be actively engaged in every facet of the QHSE program. Communication, accountability, and a cycle of continuous improvement are the cornerstone elements in TestAlta’s QHSE culture.

TestAlta is equally committed to the protection and conservation of the environment; we will comply if not exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice. TestAlta has applied the principles of continuous improvement with regard to air, water, ground and noise pollution as they relate to our work activities in the communities in which we operate.

TestAlta manages these converging priorities while maintaining a high calibre of service and diligently accomplishing quality work.  Throughout, we remain committed to proven HSE principles and practices, which enhance our ability to generate better outcomes for our valued customers.

HSE Process

To achieve optimum results within a solid HSE framework, TestAlta conducts regular inspections in addition to internal and external audits. We meet or exceed current legislation and industry regulations.

TestAlta has developed a best-in-class hazard identification and control strategy that enables employees to proactively control risks associated with hazards present on company worksites.  Additionally TestAlta has developed a comprehensive root cause analysis program in an effort to learn from our mistakes and ensure corrective actions are identified and put into place.

TestAlta is committed to living a safety culture, where employees at every level realize value in making safety the first priority and conduct themselves accordingly.

Personnel Training

TestAlta is committed to ensuring that the personnel we provide to complete work for our customers are the best trained and most competent in the industry. TestAlta has determined that our people are our greatest resource; that resource needs to be constantly challenged and continually upgraded if we are to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, and be considered a best-in-class oil field service company.

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