We Are Your Partners in Well Testing Rental Equipment

TestAlta delivers value and efficiency as a leading provider of production testing equipment rentals to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada and the United States.


The Right People

Service is about the people who make a difference. TestAlta has an experienced operational team that conform to high standards. Our employees are skilled, motivated and seasoned professionals who share the same passion for performance and excellence. TestAlta management and field personnel maintain a high level of knowledge, training and certification, giving our customers the best service experience in our region.


The Right Equipment

TestAlta offers fully configurable packages and quality well service solutions to meet the particular challenges of any job. A wide selection of separator sizes and pressures, with all the essential auxiliary equipment, are prepared to perform to exacting requirements. Meticulous guidelines for maintenance, testing, and inspection ensure that our equipment is able to fulfill expectations and remain in field-ready condition at all times.

Equipment You Can Rent

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Flow Iron

2" Flow Iron
3" Flow Iron


2” 1502 5 Valve Manifolds
3” 1502 5 Valve Manifolds

Light Towers

Light Towers

Flowback Tanks

Open Top Flowback Tanks


Office Trailers
Sour Service Air Trailers

Junk Catchers

Double BBL Junk Catchers


Water Filter Systems
Sand Mitgation Systems
Vapor Lock Sand Systems

Flowback Vessels

250psi-1440psi 4 Phase Flowback Vessels

Sand Traps

Traditional Sand Traps
Cyclonic Sand Traps